Report of the national meeting towards the “EUROPEAN CARAVAN BRUXELLES 2014”

Cagliari -


The first March, with demonstrations, sit-ins, and other initiatives to involve people, we’ll launch, in Italy, the “EUROPEAN CARAVAN BRUXELLES 2014” , promoted in Europe by the “Coalizione Internazionale dei Sans-Papiers e Migranti - CISPM (International league of Sans-Papiers and Migrants – CISPM). The next month of June, the march will reach Bruxelles (Belgium) from many European countries like Germany, France, Holland, Italy, etc.

This is the resolution taken in Bologna by about 70 participants in the 25th January national meeting of the migrants, refugees, antiracists, and for the right to housing.

During the meeting, the different contributions to the discussion made evident and spoke up for the reasons of the European Caravan: No to racism, No to Dublin III (Regulations of Dublin III), for closing the CIE (center of identification and expulsion), for freedom of circulation, for asylum right, for citizenship and residence, to separate work contract and residence permit, and the possibility of rescuing the compulsory contributions of migrants workers, at the moment stopped into the Inps fund.

The European Caravan carries on an analysis about the political and economical context of crisis, mass unemployment, growth of homeless, racism and xenophobia, reduction of workers into slavery, with no perspectives for the future in the horizon of millions of young people.

This analysis has shown the responsibility of the “European Fortress” and its member states, their policies denying rights and dignity to migrants and refugees, through the militarization of borders carried out by Frontex, Eurosur, and other devices like bilateral agreements against migrants, who have in fact converted the Mediterranean Sea into a human cemetery. For these reasons a possible next summit Euro-Mediterranean in Italy will be the chance for a wide mobilization exposing these inhuman policies.

A real change of these pro-slavery and racist policies can not be made by those people who have cried crocodile tears at the dead of Lampedusa, nor can it come from hypocritical statements made by different governments, ministers or administrators. Such fatalities are the consequence of policies and laws implemented by Italy and Europe. And we believe that the “symbolic” designation of the present Minister of Integration and her perfunctory declarations are not going to change the course of things.

On the other hand a change can not either come from NOG/associationism (Non-governmental organizations), who have build their own “sales proceeds” on the painful situation of migrants and refugees through the European and National Funds for the migrants. We believe that the change will not be done by reducing the fight of migrants to paternalistic or colonialistic interventions inside the “European Fortress”. Following this way, every fight (in particular the fight of migrants and refugees) would lose its soul and its capacity to relate to other struggles, and get full awareness of its needs.

We believe that in this question the central role of income/job, faces us very strongly. We are persuaded that a fair distribution can create “justice and dignity” for all. The mobilization at the margins of the next European summit on young people's employment becomes therefore very important in the strategy of fight.

This is the reason we are going to participate in the next meeting on the 9 February 2014 in Rome with the movements and the trade unionism which practise class conflict. Together we have already shared the days of figth on the 18 and 19 October 2013.

That's why the European Caravan and the path who is bringing us to Bruxelles will be an opportunity to give new impetus to the protagonism of migrants/refugees inside a dynamic community of workers, precarious workers, students, antiracist movements, movements for the right to housing, movements of homeless, trade unions, political forces and all the people who see in this struggle a way for getting rights and dignity for all human beings.


The European Caravan, that will be opened the next 1st March in many parts of Italy with demonstrations and sit-ins, will walk along and expose places like CIE, CARA, CPA, etc, where freedom/rights are denied and exploitation is carried out.


We also decided to take part to the meeting in Lampedusa (from the 31 Jan. to the 2 Febr. 2014), for building the Caravan initiatives, and writing the “Lampedusa Charta”.

The European Caravan will move in according to the following points and rendezvous till now prepared:


Action Plan:

1. No to racism

2. For freedom of circulation, for citizenship and residence rights

3. For asylum right/No to Dublin III, No Frontex, No Eurosur

4. For the right of housing, right to a job and an income

5. For a humane reception fit for human beings and the abolition of the CIEs

6. To separate work contract and residence permit

7. For citizenship based on residence

8. For the rescue of compulsory contributions to INPS of migrants workers

9. Stop to bilateral agreements against migrants and refugees





● Saturday first March National Opening Day of the “European Caravan Bruxelles 2014”, with demonstrations, sit-ins, and other initiatives across Italy.

● Meeting in Lampedusa (from the 31 Jan. to the 2 Febr. 2014), for building the Caravan initiatives, and writing the “Lampedusa Charta”.

● Participation in the national meeting of the 9 February in Rome, from 10 a.m., at the University “La Sapienza”, to prepare the mobilization at the margins of the European summit on young people's employment.



A common flier will be prepared.

A work group will prepare an Italian website and a self-financing campaign.

The Europea Caravan will be presented in the next weeks in a press conference.



For information, joining, participation or events:

movimentomigrantirifugiati@gmail.com / telephon contact: 347 92 50 741

Coalizione Internazionale dei Sans-Papiers e Migranti (CISPM-Italia)


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